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Bakery case selection varies daily,
please give 48 hours notice for custom orders.

Holiday Selection currently available:

Seasonal Pie Flavors:

Pumpkin, chocolate cream $15
Apple, Apple Crumb, $20
Cherry, Cherry Crumb, Apple “rose” $22 Pecan, Sweet Potato Bourbon

Cookies for platters:

Brick House Chocolate Chip
Raspberry Almond Shortbread
Peanut Butter Blossoms
Ginger Molasses

Pistachio Ricotta Chocolate Espresso
Walnut Caramel
Cut-outs with Buttercream Frosting
7 Layer Bar

We reserve the option of adding cookies as we see fit to any cookie platter.If you want to order certain cookies the platter will be priced accordingly.

Assorted Cookie Platters:

Small (2 dozen) $28
Medium (3 1/2 dozen)
Large (5 dozen)

Cakes: 9” round double layer

Chocolate, Yellow or Lemon $25
add Lemon Curd or Vanilla Cream $10
Carrot or Hummingbird – Cream Cheese Frosted
Coconut Cream or Raspberry Buttercream
Flourless Chocolate Ganache Cake topped with Raspberries
Decorated Yule Log $65

½ Sheet cakes: add $25 to above pricing


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